News Outlets Examine Challenges For Media Organizations, Journalists During COVID-19 Outbreak

AP: Media faces challenges in covering coronavirus outbreak
“…News organizations trying to responsibly report on the growing health crisis are confronted with the task of conveying its seriousness without provoking panic, keeping up with a torrent of information while much remains a mystery and continually advising readers and viewers how to stay safe…” (Bauder, 3/2).

The Guardian: Battling coronavirus misinformation in the age of social media
“Public health professionals trying to provide the nation with facts about the spread of coronavirus are battling a wave of misinformation, as they wrestle with the first major British health crisis of the smartphone era…” (Watterson/Sabbagh, 3/3).

SciDev.Net: Journalism in the time of the coronavirus
“As the threat of a COVID-19 pandemic becomes closer to reality, media practitioners must face up to the possibility that they may end up being more than non-participant observers…” (Adriano, 3/2).