New York Times Examines Innovations In Cholera Treatment, Vaccination, Spearheaded By Bangladesh’s ICDDR,B

New York Times: Turning the Tide Against Cholera
“…[Cholera] is a continuing threat in nearly 70 countries, where more than one billion people are at risk. Now, thanks largely to efforts that began in cholera’s birthplace, [Bangladesh,] a way to finally conquer the long-dreaded plague is in sight. A treatment protocol so effective that it saves 99.9 percent of all victims was pioneered here. The World Health Organization estimates that it has saved about 50 million lives in the past four decades. Just as important, after 35 years of work, researchers in Bangladesh and elsewhere have developed an effective cholera vaccine. … The treatment advances relied heavily on research and testing done at the International Center for Diarrheal Disease Research, known as the ICDDR,B, in Dhaka…” (McNeil/Ferdous, 2/6).