New U.S. President, Congress Should Repeal Helms Amendment

New York Times: U.S. Policy Prevents Women Who Are Raped By ISIS From Accessing Abortion
Lisa Shannon, founder of Run for Congo Women and co-founder of Sister Somalia

“…Passed in 1973, the Helms Amendment limits funding for abortions abroad, but has been imposed as an outright ban. … Because the Helms Amendment only prohibits funding for ‘abortion as a method of family planning,’ it is clear that support for safe abortion in some instances, like cases of rape, incest, or mortal threat, is allowed. A simple reinterpretation on the part of the president would allow aid dollars for terminating rape-induced pregnancies. … It is time for a complete repeal of the Helms Amendment. Our new president and Congress must step up. … Voters must demand an answer from every candidate running for national office…” (11/1).