New Research On Tsetse Fly Could Help Fight Sleeping Sickness

News outlets report on a study published by Science on the genes of the tsetse fly.

Los Angeles Times: Blunting the tsetse fly’s deadly bite
“…While Human African trypanosomiasis, or ‘sleeping sickness,’ has been declared a neglected tropical disease endemic to Sub Saharan Africa, new research is raising hopes that something might be done to slow its spread by targeting its sole carrier — the tsetse…” (Morin, 4/24).

New York Times: New Tool to Fight Deadly Tsetse Fly
“After 10 years of effort, a team led by scientists at Yale has finally decoded the genes of the tsetse fly, a bloodsucking scourge of Africa. With that knowledge, they hope to find new ways to repel or kill the insects, whose bite transmits sleeping sickness, a parasitic disease that, like rabies, drives its victims mad before they lapse into a coma and die…” (McNeil, 4/24).