New Publication Malnutrition Deeply Begins By Examining Prioritization Of SDG Nutrition Targets

Malnutrition Deeply: Ranking Nutrition on the Global To-Do List
“…Progress on the several nutrition targets has stalled or is actually going in the wrong direction. Worried their efforts to get these targets back on track might be derailed, experts are pushing back and explaining why nutrition should be prioritized within the SDGs…” (Green, 1/10).

Malnutrition Deeply: Making Sure No One Is Left Behind When it Comes to Nutrition
“…[Jessica Fanzo], an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, who cochaired the production of the 2017 Global Nutrition Report, said the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer a framework for integrating nutrition more systematically within the development agenda, but it’s still an uphill battle. She gave Malnutrition Deeply her thoughts on the issue…” (Byatnal, 1/9).