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New Global Update On HIV/AIDS Shows 9.7M On Treatment In 2012

A new report from UNAIDS, the WHO and UNICEF, titled “Global update on HIV treatment 2013: results, impact and opportunities” and released at the 7th International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention in Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with new WHO treatment guidelines, shows a “record 9.7 million people living with HIV were accessing treatment in 2012 compared to just over 8.1 million in 2011 — an increase of 1.6 million in one year alone,” a UNAIDS press release reports (6/30). “By making smart choices, UNAIDS estimates that treatment can be further expanded within the existing resource needs of between $22-24 billion for 2015,” the U.N. News Centre notes, adding, “The agency estimates that cost savings could be achieved through three main areas: a reduction in costs of medicines and medical supplies, particularly as volumes increase; simplifying delivery systems; and increasing efficiencies within the overall AIDS response” (6/30). The report notes several examples of cost savings and “also highlights that the [U.S. PEPFAR program] estimates that by leveraging existing opportunities for cost efficiencies it has more than halved the average cost per person receiving treatment in PEPFAR-supported programs,” the press release states (6/30).