New Ebola Cases In West Africa At Lowest Level In Past Year; WHO Warns Of Possible New Outbreak In Sierra Leone

Agence France-Presse: Ebola cases fall to year low but WHO warns of trouble ahead
“The World Health Organization on Wednesday hailed the fewest weekly infections for over a year in the West African Ebola epidemic, but warned they were braced for a significant new outbreak in Sierra Leone…” (7/29).

CIDRAP News: Ebola numbers drop sharply in Guinea, Sierra Leone
“…Four of the new lab-confirmed cases were in Guinea and three were in Sierra Leone. No new cases were reported in Liberia, which had recently experienced a cluster of cases in Monrovia…” (Schnirring, 7/29).

New York Times: New Ebola Cases Decline, but WHO Advises Caution
“…But it is too soon to tell whether the decline will last, the agency said, noting that during the previous two months, 20 to 30 new cases a week were reported in the two countries…” (Grady, 7/29).