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New Commitments To Global Fund Would Help World Reach TB HLM Political Declaration’s Goals, Friends of Global Fight Post Says

Friends of the Global Fight: World Leaders Gathered at U.N. to Tackle TB. Now What?
John McMannis, program research and impact manager at Friends of the Global Fight, discusses the recent U.N. High-Level Meeting (HLM) on TB, highlighting comments from Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands and commitments made by the U.S. and U.K. McMannis writes, “The [meeting’s political] declaration lays out targets for fighting TB, including successfully treating 40 million people with the disease and increasing global investments for ending TB to $13 billion per year by 2022. … Without specific country targets and a way to hold governments accountable, countries must step up to show that they are serious about the commitments they made at the HLM. … New investments in the Global Fund by the U.S. and other donors would have a substantive positive impact on our ability to achieve the goals laid out in the HLM’s political declaration” (10/2).