New CDC Director Takes Steps To Comply With U.S. Government Ethics Rules

Wall Street Journal: New CDC Chief Resigned From Four Entities to Comply With Ethics Rules
“The new director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention resigned positions at four entities, sold stock and forfeited options in two companies, and is signing his share of future patent licensing fees and royalty payments over to his university to comply with government ethics rules, according to his financial disclosures…” (McKay, 4/17).

Washington Post: New CDC chief stepped down from four groups to comply with ethics rules
“…[Robert] Redfield, a longtime HIV/AIDS researcher who started the job March 26, succeeded Brenda Fitzgerald, the former Georgia public health commissioner, who resigned Jan. 31 after serving only half a year because she was unable to divest from her financial holdings. She had also purchased tobacco stocks as CDC director. ‘The job of CDC director is very important to me,’ Redfield said in a statement issued Tuesday. ‘Therefore, I have worked closely with the HHS Ethics Office to comply with all reporting requirements of the Ethics in Government Act’…” (Sun, 4/17).