Nearly 1 In 3 Of World’s Population Malnourished Despite Decrease In Global Hunger, Report Says

News outlets discuss the 2014-2015 Global Food Policy Report, released annually by the International Food Policy Research Institute.

Reuters: Despite fall in hunger, obesity and diabetes worsen around the globe — report
“Despite a drop in the number of people facing starvation, nearly one in three of the world’s population are malnourished, even as obesity spreads around the globe, an international food security think tank said on Tuesday…” (Arsenault, 9/15).

Xinhua News/GlobalPost: One in three of global population malnourished: report
” ‘When one in three of us is held back due to malnutrition, we as families, communities, and nations cannot move forward,’ Lawrence Haddad, lead author of the Global Nutrition Report and senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) said Tuesday at a press briefing…” (9/15).