Nations Worldwide Take Steps To Mitigate COVID-19 Impacts


Daily Beast: Coronavirus Erupts in Africa — Along With Deadly Rumors and Fear (Obaji, 3/30).

Fox News: Coronavirus measures in Africa escalate to violence as police, military enforce lockdowns (Sorace, 3/30).

France 24: Millions enter lockdown in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, as Africa steps up virus fight (3/31).

New Humanitarian: Coronavirus in crisis-hit Burkina Faso: Healthcare centers close as cases rise (Mednick, 3/30).

Quartz Africa: Africa is watching a potential health disaster turn into an economic crisis, quickly (Adegoke, 3/30).


New York Times: North Korea Claims No Coronavirus Cases. Can It Be Trusted? (Sang-Hun, 3/31).

New York Times: China Created a Fail-Safe System to Track Contagions. It Failed (Myers, 3/29).

Radio Free Asia: Estimates Show Wuhan Death Toll Far Higher Than Official Figure (3/27).

Reuters: Indonesia rolls out nearly $25 billion more spending for coronavirus (Jefriando, 3/31).

Reuters: Coronavirus epidemic ‘far from over’ in Asia: WHO official (Crossley/Woo, 3/31).

U.N. News: U.N. helps Pacific prepare for COVID-19 pandemic, warns that children are ‘hidden victims’ (3/30).


AP: Europe’s hospitals among the best but can’t handle pandemic (Cheng, 3/31).

AP: Spain sees record virus deaths as world’s hospitals struggle (Parra et al., 3/31). COVID-19 pandemic raises questions on preparedness for biological threats (Brzozowski, 3/30).

Financial Times: Virus death toll in England and Wales higher than stated, data suggest (Giles, 3/31).

Reuters: Italy’s epidemic should stabilize soon, but vigilance needed: WHO (Nebehay/Farge, 3/30).


AP: Coronavirus hits rich and poor unequally in Latin America (Weissenstein et al., 3/30).

The Guardian: ‘Coronavirus could wipe us out’: indigenous South Americans blockade villages (Collyns et al., 3/30).

New York Times: ‘I Can’t Stop’: In Vast Informal Economy, Pandemic Adds to Pressure (Semple et al., 3/30).

Washington Post: Coronavirus collides with Latin America’s maid culture — with sometimes deadly results (McCoy et al., 3/29).


AP: Crammed in filthy cells, political prisoners fear infection (Michael et al., 3/31).

Reuters: Iran’s death toll from coronavirus climbs to 2,898: health official (Hafezi, 3/31).

Reuters: Hard times shape speedy Saudi and Kuwaiti coronavirus response (Kalin/Hagagy, 3/30).

U.N. News: ‘Immediate nationwide ceasefire’ needed for all-out effort to counter COVID-19 in Syria (3/30).

U.N. News: Release inmates in Yemen to avert nationwide coronavirus outbreak, experts urge (3/30).


Reuters: U.S. panel outlines how doctors should ration care in a pandemic (Steenhuysen, 3/30).

Reuters: Canada’s army not needed right now to help combat coronavirus spread, Trudeau says (Ljunggren, 3/29).