Nations, NGOs Must Commit To Training Health Care Workers Worldwide To Achieve UHC

Devex: Opinion: We need a Marshall Plan to train health care workers around the globe
Rabih Torbay, president and CEO of Project HOPE

“…[The U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goal on universal health coverage (SDG 3.8)] is both a lofty goal and a worthy one. But in order to realistically achieve it, we must address an emerging crisis: the rising shortage of health care workers around the globe. … [I]f we really want to ensure that all people have access to the quality health care they need and deserve, this is the single most important thing we should commit to achieving over the next decade. … Unfortunately, we are currently headed in the opposite direction. … [W]e need governments and donors to commit to a Marshall Plan for training health care workers across the globe. In the same way the Marshall Plan spurred European recovery following World War II, we must see a global health workforce as an investment worth championing…” (9/23).