Nations At Busan Forum Sign Non-Binding Declaration To Form Worldwide Aid Partnership

Representatives of organizations and governments from 160 countries “agreed on Thursday to form a worldwide partnership to ensure tens of billions of dollars in foreign aid goes to help the neediest,” Agence France-Presse reports. The declaration (.pdf) concluded the three-day 4th High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness held in Busan, Korea, where major donors, including the U.S., Japan, and European nations, “tried to bring emerging donors like China — which does not co-ordinate with other major aid-givers — into the international fold,” according to the news agency (Jung, 12/1).

“‘We will establish a new, inclusive and representative Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation to support and ensure accountability for the implementation of commitments at the political level,’ the 12-page statement said. ‘The new aid partnership will offer an open platform that embraces diversity, providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and the regular review of progress,'” the Korea Times writes, adding that the statement is non-binding (Park, 12/1). Inter Press Service reports on the disappointment of some gender equality advocates, writing, “Although the document alluded to gender equality, experts feel that the scope is narrow and does not really touch the core issues that can be catalytic to the empowerment of women” (Gathigah, 12/1).