MSNBC Examines U.S. Ebola Coordinator Ron Klain’s Role

MSNBC: Here’s what Ebola czar Ron Klain has been up to
“President Obama used his bully pulpit [last] week to hail the efforts of American health care workers fighting Ebola in West Africa. After the president left the podium Wednesday, the nitty-gritty policy discussions began in the White House, and Ron Klain was among the top administration officials at the table. … It’s an early sign of Klain’s imprint as questions have swirled about his new job, which Obama created after a growing public outcry about the U.S. government’s response to Ebola. A former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, Klain has been in his new job as Ebola Response Coordinator — aka ‘Ebola Czar’ — for just over a week…” (Khimm, 10/31).