MSF To End Involvement With DRC Ebola Response This Month As Outbreak Comes Under Containment

The Hill: Doctors Without Borders to pull out of Congo as Ebola scare wanes
“Doctors Without Borders will end its involvement in the international response to an outbreak of the Ebola virus in the heart of Africa later this month, a sign that public health officials believe the outbreak has been largely contained…” (Wilson, 7/2).

Washington Times: Ebola outbreak ‘contained’ as lessons of 2014, trial vaccines avert global panic
“…Health officials said about 50 infections were detected and 29 deaths were attributed to the outbreak, which was discovered in early May. They are waiting until later this month to declare the outbreak over — after at least six weeks, or two incubation periods, have passed since the last infection…” (Howell, 7/4).