Mozambique, Donor Partners Work With GFF To Create Investment Case For Health, Move Toward Achieving Results

Devex: Opinion: With the Global Financing Facility, Mozambique is taking a fresh approach to health
Nazira Karimo Vali Abdula, minister of health of the Republic of Mozambique; Mark Lundell, World Bank country director for Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Comoros, and Seychelles; and Mariam Claeson, director of the Global Financing Facility

“…In 2016, after Mozambique became one of 16 [Global Financing Facility (GFF)] countries, all development partners who invested in health, with an interest in improving the lives of mothers, children, and adolescents in Mozambique, came together, under the leadership of the government, to develop an investment case. In the investment case, the government identified high-impact interventions and priorities for investing in health for the next five years. Bilateral partners, United Nations agencies, civil society organizations, the private sector, and others aligned themselves — and their financing — directly behind these priorities. … These efforts will generate results quickly, especially because financing will be tied to the achievement of results. … Importantly, the government has strengthened governance and accountability for results. … If Mozambique successfully invests in its women, children, and adolescents, we will see a new era of health and prosperity in Mozambique, for generations to come” (11/8).