More Than Half Of People Living With HIV On Treatment Worldwide, But 16M More Need Access, UNAIDS Report Shows

New York Times: Nearly 21 Million Now Receiving AIDS Drugs, U.N. Agency Says
“Almost 21 million people around the world are now getting life-prolonging AIDS drugs, according to a report issued on Monday. But another 16 million people infected with HIV are not yet on medication. The report was released in South Africa by UNAIDS, the joint United Nations AIDS-fighting agency…” (McNeil, 11/20).

Xinhua News: More than half of population living with HIV on treatment: UNAIDS
“…In 2000, just 685,000 people living with HIV had access to antiretroviral therapy; by June 2017, around 20.9 million people of the 36.7 million globally living with HIV had access to the life-saving medicines, according to the latest UNAIDS report, Right to Health, launched ahead of World AIDS Day. ‘This is the kind of acceleration we need to encourage, sustain, and replicate,” said UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibe…” (11/20).