More Than 9M People Estimated Living With Undiagnosed HIV, UNAIDS Report Says

Fortune: More Than 9 Million People May Not Know They Have HIV, New UNAIDS Report Says
“Roughly 9.4 million people may be positive for HIV, the human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS, and not know it, according to a new report from UNAIDS, the United Nations joint program on HIV/AIDS…” (Shoot, 12/7).

NPR: UNAIDS Report: 9 Million Are Likely HIV-Positive And Don’t Know It
“…People aren’t being tested for the reasons you’d expect: fear of facing stigma and discrimination if a person learns they are HIV-positive. Then there are more practical concerns: from living far from where testing is offered to long wait times to be tested at health facilities. … The upside of being tested, of course, is that someone who is HIV-positive can take medications to keep AIDS at bay. But that doesn’t always happen…” (Schreiber, 12/7).