More Than 5M Children Need Humanitarian Aid In Iraq; More Than 1K Killed In Country’s War Since 2014, UNICEF Says

Reuters: More than 5 million children need urgent humanitarian aid in Iraq: UNICEF
“More than five million children are in urgent need of aid in Iraq, the United Nations said on Thursday, describing the war on Islamic State as ‘one of the most brutal’ in modern history. ‘Across Iraq, children continue to witness sheer horror and unimaginable violence,’ the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) said in a statement…” (Rasheed, 6/21).

VOA News: In Iraq, Children Dying, Suffering in ‘One of the Most Brutal Wars’
“…More than 1,000 children have been killed in Iraq since 2014, when IS militants swept into the country, claiming territories, including Mosul and other major cities, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund, or UNICEF. … More than 1,100 children have been injured in the IS conflict in Iraq, according to UNICEF, and that’s just the children they know of. The fighting in Iraq has displaced more than 1.5 million children in the past three years, UNICEF said…” (Murdock, 6/21).