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More Than 2.5M People In Asia, Africa At Risk Of Zika Infection, Analysis Shows

Associated Press: Where’s Zika going next? Maybe China, India, or Nigeria
“Scientists trying to predict the future path of Zika say that 2.6 billion people living in parts of Asia and Africa could be at risk of infection, based on a new analysis of travel, climate, and mosquito patterns in those regions. Some of the most vulnerable countries include India, China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, according to the research…” (Cheng, 9/1).

Vox: Zika in Florida is getting all the attention. But here’s where the real threat is.
“… ‘Many of [these] areas have a rather limited health [care] capacity,’ said Isaac Bogoch, study author and infectious diseases specialist at the Toronto General Hospital. ‘These countries might be slow to detect the virus — and they might not have the capabilities to do mosquito surveillance, mosquito-control efforts, or perhaps provide appropriate maternal screening and management for pregnant women affected with the virus’…” (Belluz, 9/1).