More STI Cases Occurring Among Youth In Thailand, U.N. Report Says

News outlets discuss the findings of a report (.pdf) released by UNICEF that says more HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) cases are occurring among young people in Thailand.

U.N. News Centre: HIV infections on rise among young gay men, other at-risk groups in Thailand — U.N. study
“An estimated 70 percent of new sexually transmitted infections cases are occurring among young people, especially among men who have sex with men, those involved in sex work, and those who inject drugs in Thailand, where ‘social media, online dating websites, and mobile application make it much easier for young people to meet others in order to engage in casual sex,’ says a new United Nations report…” (8/25).

VOA News: New Rise in HIV/AIDS Cases Among Young in Thailand
“Thailand’s young people are facing a new rise in HIV infections — the virus that causes AIDS. Researchers say they are finding it tougher to reach at-risk populations with messages about safer sex. In a report released Monday, UNICEF says 70 percent of all sexually transmitted infection cases in Thailand are occurring among people between the ages of 15 and 24…” (Herman, 8/24).