More News In Global Health

Al Jazeera: Diphtheria in Yemen: More than 100 infected, 14 deaths (Smith, 11/23).

Associated Press: Rising HIV infections see Iran challenge notions about sex (Fattahi/Vahdat, 11/29).

Healio: Diabetes, high BMI cause nearly 6% of cancers worldwide (Schaffer, 11/28).
HealthDay News: 6% of Cancers Caused by Excess Weight, Diabetes (Preidt, 11/28).

NPR: Why A Brazilian State Went From 0 Cases Of Dengue To 35,000 A Year (Beaubien, 11/28).

Reuters: WHO fears deadly diphtheria outbreak among Rohingya refugees (Miles, 11/28).

Xinhua News: Outbreak risks remain in summer though Zika cases down 92 pct in Brazil (11/28).