More News In Global Health

AFP: India on the frontline of the fight against tuberculosis (10/8).

AFP: Zimbabwe doctors defy government ultimatum to resume work (DiBiaso/Kim, 10/7).

Associated Press: Mia Farrow visits Chad to promote new approach to hunger (Petesch, 10/3).

Devex: Kenya counts on celebrity influence to combat NCDs (Jerving, 10/8).

New Humanitarian: Food and medical aid under threat as Haiti protests worsen (Obert, 10/7).

Reuters: Digital platform brings health awareness to rural Mozambique (Chaudhry, 10/7).

Wall Street Journal: Corporate CFOs in High Demand at Charities as Budgets Come Under Scrutiny (Trentmann, 10/7).

Washington Post: Annalena Tonelli, a health activist who fought TB in Africa, defied hardships and terrorism (Brown, 10/5).

Xinhua: China has eliminated trachoma as public health problem: WHO (10/7).