More News In Global Health

Agence France-Presse: Honduran hospitals overrun by dengue fever epidemic (Leiva, 7/25).

Associated Press: U.N.: International failure in face of escalating Syria crisis (7/26).

Devex: 4 years later, is it any easier to track the SDGs? (Lieberman, 7/26).

Devex: Is Uganda Africa’s role model when it comes to tackling hepatitis B? (7/26).

The Lancet: Northern Ireland likely to legalize abortion (Burki, 7/27).

The Telegraph: Remote town becomes first in Nepal to end practice of isolating women during periods (Wallen, 7/24).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Act now to avert disaster in drought-hit East Africa, aid agencies say (Bhalla, 7/25).

U.N. News: New President of top U.N. economic and social body to push for development financing, fundamental freedoms ‘for all’ (7/25).