More News In Global Health

The Guardian: Key to saving lives of newborns lies in half a teaspoon of blood, study claims (McVeigh, 3/20).

Inter Press Service: Climate Change: a Threat to Agriculture & U.N.’s Goal to Eradicate Hunger (Deen, 3/19).

Inter Press Service: Climate Change Also Affects Mental Health in Mexico (Godoy, 3/19).

The Telegraph: British-funded dengue forecasting system in Vietnam aims to curb mosquito-borne virus (Smith, 3/19).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: With photos, Kenyans say #WeCannotIgnore one million hungry people (Bhalla, 3/19).

U.N. News: Safe drinking water, sanitation, are ‘basic human rights’: new U.N. Water Development report (3/19).

VOA News: U.N. Peacekeepers Provide Free Clinic in Remote Village in Troubled Mali (3/18).

Washington Post: Sterilization and isolation: Report details ‘abusive’ process for transgender legal recognition in Japan (Tamkin, 3/19).

Xinhua News: Experts call for adoption of open data to solve nutrition problems in Kenya (3/19).