More News In Global Health

The Atlantic: A Bold New Strategy for Stopping the Rise of Superbugs (Yong, 11/15).

The Lancet: Fighting a polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea (Chandler, 11/17).

The Lancet: Susan Buchbinder: driving HIV prevention efforts worldwide (Kirby, 11/17).

New York Times: ‘It’s Time to Try to Change the Men’: Papua New Guinea’s Epidemic of Abuse (Solomon, 11/15).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Calls mount to stop orphanages exploiting poor children to lure money, tourists (Batha, 11/13).

U.N. News: ‘Let the children live’: U.N. prepares to ramp up food aid to Yemen as famine risk grows (11/15).

U.N. News: Senior U.N. adviser sees ‘rare’ victory for humanitarian diplomacy as aid convoy reaches desert camp in Syria (11/15).

U.N. News: Ukraine: Temperatures plunge amid rising humanitarian needs (11/15).

Washington Post: In El Salvador, where abortion is illegal, a rape survivor who gave birth faces trial for attempted abortion (Mellen, 11/15).