More News In Global Health

Al Jazeera: When will the chronic malnutrition of Guatemala’s children end? (Mercer, 9/11).

New York Times: It’s Not Just You: 2017 Was Rough for Humanity, Study Finds (Chokshi, 9/12).

New York Times: Zimbabwe Declares Cholera Emergency as Disease Spreads in Capital (Moyo/Pérez-Peña, 9/11).

NPR: For Many In Venezuela, Social Media Is A Matter Of Life And Death (Garsd, 9/11).

U.N. News: Save Idlib from ‘transforming into a blood bath,’ U.N. chief Guterres urges fighters and their allies (9/11).

Wall Street Journal: China Replaces Family Planning With Family Development as Births Decline (Qi, 9/11).