More Focus On Education, Health Emergency Preparedness, Grassroots Action Needed In 2018

The Guardian: The world is in a perilous place. Here’s my wishlist for change in 2018
Elhadj As Sy, secretary general of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

“Ours is a world overflowing with suffering. It is a world desperately in need of solutions. Many of its crises require political leadership and courage — something which in 2017 was often in short supply. So instead of suggesting that 2018 should be a year of solutions, my new year wishlist is for 12 months of change. My first wish is for more education. … The second wish is just as bold: 2018 should go down in history as the year the world seriously mobilized for health emergencies. … [M]y third wish for 2018: the world needs to invest much more in strengthening … grassroots action. … My hope for 2018 is that the tide begins to turn towards new thinking on humanitarian challenges. What we need are ‘glocal’ organizations — designed to put humanity at the center of all that they do, and to meet both global and local needs at the same time” (1/9).