More Cooperation Among Wealthy, Developing Nations Needed To Prevent, Stop Infectious Diseases Outbreaks, Bill Gates Says

CNBC: We are vulnerable right now to a flu epidemic: Bill Gates
“…Speaking to the BBC’s Today program, Bill Gates said that despite technological improvement, ‘we are a bit vulnerable right now’ to diseases that spread quickly. ‘There’s a lot of discussion right now about how we respond in an emergency, how we make sure that the regulatory and liability and organizational boundaries don’t slow us down there, so I cross my fingers all the time that some epidemic like a big flu doesn’t come along in the next 10 years,’ Bill Gates, whose foundation he runs with his wife Melinda invests in global health care, said…” (Amaro, 12/30).

The Guardian: Bill Gates: world faces decade at risk from antibiotic-resistant bugs
“…Gates said it was crucial for wealthier countries to step in to help the developing world fight disease, both for humanitarian reasons and for their own health security…” (Gayle, 12/30).