More Aid Needed For Displaced Nigerians

Washington Post: Aid for hundreds of thousands of displaced Nigerians is running out
Margee Ensign, president of the American University of Nigeria and chairwoman of the Adamawa Peace Initiative

“…We are the Adamawa Peace Initiative, an effort started by the American University of Nigeria three years ago. … When we began, our goal was to protect the thousands of vulnerable children in our city, the capital of Adamawa state, from extreme ideologies. … A year ago, we began receiving people fleeing the horrors of Boko Haram. … We have sought help from the Nigerian government and the outside world, largely in vain. Except for a small amount of financial support we received from the U.S. government at the beginning of the crisis, we have had to raise the funds ourselves… We are feeding 276,000 people. We are nearly out of money. … [O]ne year into a major humanitarian crisis that has forced hundreds of thousands of Nigerians to flee the horrors of Boko Haram, we are still not receiving national or international assistance. Where will we get the food we need?” (3/27).