More Action Needed To Protect Young African Women From HIV; 18M People On HIV Treatment, UNAIDS Report Says

The Guardian: U.N. calls for urgent action to protect young women from HIV/AIDS in Africa
“Urgent action is needed to help and protect girls and young women from AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, thousands of whom are still being infected with HIV every week, the U.N. says. Many adolescent girls do not know they have the virus and do not seek help or get treatment because they cannot tell their families they have had a sexual relationship with an older man. The death rates among adolescents are high…” (Boseley, 11/21).

Reuters: More than 18 million on HIV treatment, a million more than 2015: UNAIDS
“More than 18 million people now have access to life-saving AIDS treatment, 1.2 million more than at the end of last year, the United Nations said on Monday. In a report on the AIDS pandemic, which has infected 78 million people and killed 35 million since it began in the 1980s, UNAIDS said the consistently strong scale-up of treatment has seen annual AIDS-related deaths drop by 45 percent to 1.1 million in 2015 from a peak of about two million in 2005…” (Kelland, 11/21).