Microfinance Has Potential To Increase Funding For Sanitation In Developing Countries

The Guardian: Can microfinance help boost sanitation coverage?
Sophie Trémolet, water and sanitation economist, and Goufrane Mansour, water and sanitation specialist, both at Trémolet Consulting

“…While microfinance is usually associated with income generation, rather than taps and toilets, growing evidence shows that it could be a solution for funding sanitation facilities in developing countries. … As experience with sanitation microfinance continues to grow, research should continue, particularly to understand the impact of such loans on consumers. … Microfinance cannot be the only answer to increasing finance for sanitation and there are still many questions as to how and where it should be used. But it is a plausible solution to help households in developing countries; provided that the factors influencing demand are better understood” (8/17).