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MFAN Examines OMB’s Guidance For Foreign Aid Agencies’ M&E Of Assistance Programs

MFAN: Kudos to OMB for Strong Evaluation Guidelines, What’s Next for Implementation?
Lori Groves Rowley, director of global food security and aid effectiveness programs at the Lugar Center, and Nora O’Connell, associate vice president for policy and public advocacy at Save the Children, both co-chairs of MFAN’s Accountability and Country Ownership Working Group, discuss the Office of Management and Budget’s recent issuance of guidance to foreign aid agencies regarding the monitoring and evaluation of assistance programs. They write, “While we and the community remain deeply concerned about drastic budget cuts to development and foreign assistance, this guidance shows that the Trump administration also fully intends to work with Congress to improve these programs — both for the people across the globe they serve and for the U.S. taxpayers who fund them” (3/19).