MFAN Co-Chairs Send Letter To Secretary Of State Tillerson Outlining View Of Agency’s Successes, Priorities

Modernizing Foreign Assistance Network: MFAN Letter to Secretary of State Tillerson
In this letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, MFAN Co-Chairs George Ingram, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution; Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of Save the Children; and Connie Veillette, senior fellow at the Lugar Center, highlight U.S. foreign aid successes, including PEPFAR 3.0 and the Foreign Aid Transparency and Accountability Act, as well as future priorities. “In particular, we hope you will prioritize the following: Ensure that USAID has the budget and policy authority needed to remain the United States’ lead development agency and become a stronger, complementary partner to the diplomatic and defense communities; Invest in the ability of the State Department and USAID to engage in strategic planning, measurement of results, and partnerships. …; Work with Congress to develop a shared vision and strategy for U.S. global development that is built on a foundation of sound strategic planning, accountability for results, and evidence-based systems that enable the spending of resources according to needs,” they write (3/9).