Mexico City Policy Impacting Women’s Health In Nigeria, Should Be Repealed

Vanguard: Repeal the Global Gag Rule
Sola Ogundipe, health editor at Vanguard Media Ltd.

“…There is little doubt that [Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance, otherwise known as the Mexico City policy or global gag rule,] is undermining Nigeria’s reproductive and overall health goals and Nigerians are not happy about it. … Trump’s gag rule will not only hurt abortion access or access to contraception but other forms of health care. The restrictions are causing easily preventable maternal deaths, both due to unsafe abortion and to an increase in unplanned pregnancies in areas where rates of maternal mortality are already high. … The impact is hitting hard on millions of women and girls who depended on … family planning, antiretroviral treatment, and other reproductive health services provided through funding by U.S. government. The message is clear — repeal the global gag rule” (5/12).