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Mexico City Policy Impacting Health Care Delivery In Africa, Aid Groups Say

CNN: U.S. abortion funding rule hurting health overseas, aid groups argue
“…[A]id groups report they are beginning to see a host of negative impacts [from the Trump administration’s Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance plan]. … The findings are in reports examining the Trump administration’s radically expanded version of the so-called ‘Mexico City policy’…” (Gaouette, 3/8).

Quartz Africa: Trump’s Global Gag rule on abortion is hurting African women
“…In January 2017, Trump restored the so-called Mexico City Policy that was first instituted by the Reagan administration in 1984. … In March 2017, Trump also [invoked] the Kemp-Kasten amendment … to [withhold] funding to the United Nations Population Fund. In Africa, the effect was felt almost immediately…” (Chutel, 3/8).