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Meeting Climate Change Goals Could Save 1M Lives Annually, Would Cost Less Than Not Acting, WHO Report Says

CNN: Tackling climate change could save millions of lives, report says
“Climate studies often pinpoint the detrimental public health impacts related to rising atmospheric temperatures, extreme weather events, and other consequences of a changing climate. A report released by the World Health Organization on Wednesday details the public health benefits that could come with tackling the issue…” (Howard, 12/5).

The Guardian: Save millions of lives by tackling climate change, says WHO
“Tackling climate change would save at least a million lives a year, the World Health Organization has told the U.N. climate summit in Poland, making it a moral imperative…” (Carrington, 12/5).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Act on climate change to cut ‘outrageous’ pollution deaths — WHO
“Fighting climate change is one of the best ways to improve health around the world, and the benefits of fewer deaths and hospitalizations would far outweigh the costs of not acting, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday…” (Rowling, 12/5).

U.N. News: COP24: A million lives could be saved by 2050 through climate action, U.N. health agency reveals
“…The report also shows that the economic benefits of improved health would be twice as high as the economic cost of mitigating global warming, and fighting air pollution. The return on investment is even higher in countries key to tackling global emissions, such as China and India…” (12/5).