Media Sources Continue To Report On CDC, WHO Estimates Of Ebola’s Spread

News outlets continue to report on CDC and WHO predictions of the growth of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

The Atlantic: Chasing Ebola (Elliot, 9/23).
CQ HealthBeat: CDC Says Swift Global Response May Stem Ebola Outbreak (Reichard, 9/23).
The Hill: CDC: Ebola cases could hit 1.4M by January (Viebeck, 9/23).
NPR: Dire Predictions On Ebola’s Spread From Top Health Organizations (Doucleff, 9/23).
Politico: CDC worst case scenario for Ebola: 1.4 million cases (Levine, 9/23).
Reuters: U.S. forecasts more than 500,000 Ebola cases in West Africa (Begley/Miles, 9/23).
Reuters: Ever-present endemic Ebola now major concern for disease experts (Kelland, 9/23).
ScienceInsider: WHO, CDC publish grim new Ebola projections (Kupferschmidt, 9/23).
Scientific American: New Figures Paint Even Bleaker Picture for Ebola Crisis (Maron, 9/23).
Wall Street Journal: Ebola Virus Cases May Hit 1.4 Million by Winter, U.S. Warns (McKay, 9/23).