Media Outlets Review Global Health In 2013, Look Ahead To 2014

News outlets feature several articles reviewing global health in 2013 and looking forward to issues in 2014.

USA TODAY: Infectious disease dominated health news in 2013
“The USA began 2013 in the midst of a severe flu season. Then came renewed concern over improving mental health care in response to a mass shooting. And communities across the USA this year saw outbreaks of measles in areas with low vaccination rates. With no new blockbuster drugs or breakthroughs in cancer and heart disease, many experts say that public health issues such as these dominated health news in 2013…” (Szabo, 12/31).

SciDev.Net: Africa science and development 2013: The year that was
“The year started with a call for developing countries to adopt an ’emerging paradigm’ of affordable, less complex and inclusive innovation to promote development and cut poverty. … Some important key themes followed the call for adopting less complex innovation,” including HIV/AIDS, women and technology, and climate change, among other issues (Odogo/Appiah, 12/31).

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: Advances And Setbacks In Global Health During 2013
“From the fight against HIV/AIDS and polio to the spread of new deadly viruses, from the development of artificial-limb technology to new regulations allowing better access to pain killers in Ukraine — 2013 had its share of highs and lows when it came to health and medicine…” (Blua, 12/31).

Devex: Top 10 Devex exclusive interviews of 2013
“Some of the biggest names in our industry opened up to Devex about hot-button issues on global development in 2013. Here are the 10 most-read Devex exclusive interviews in the past year…” (Villarino, 1/3).

Washington Post: Five pressing health priorities in 2014
“As head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Thomas Frieden oversees an agency with the sprawling mission of reining in diseases in the United States and across the globe. … Given that broad range of responsibilities, we asked Frieden about what he considers the top public health priorities for 2014…” (Dennis, 12/28).