Media Outlets Report On Various Aspects Of COVID-19 Response, Including Vaccine, Diagnostic Research, Health Worker Protections

Devex: MSF ramps up coronavirus response with ‘back-to-basics’ approach (Lieberman, 2/27).

The Hill: Health official says coronavirus vaccine will take ‘at least a year to a year and a half’ to develop (Deese, 2/26).

MedPage Today: COVID-19 Requires ‘An Entire Village’ of Professionals (Walker, 2/26).

NPR: New Test Begins To Help Scientists Respond To Coronavirus (Harris, 2/27).

STAT: Coronavirus vaccines are far off, FDA official says, but drugs to treat patients could come sooner (Herper/Garde, 2/26).

Washington Post: World Health Organization: China not sharing data on coronavirus infections among health-care workers (Rauhala/Wan, 2/26).

Washington Post: Coronavirus raises fears of U.S. drug supply disruptions (McGinley/Johnson, 2/26).