Media Outlets Report On Various Aspects Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Financial Times: China seizes hotels, hospitals and cars to fight coronavirus (Yu/McMorrow, 2/12).

Financial Times: Drugmakers braced for coronavirus disruption to China supplies (Findlay et al., 2/12).

MedPage Today: Ease of Coronavirus Transmission a Concern, CDC Official Says (Frieden, 2/11).

New York Times: A Store, a Chalet, an Unsealed Pipe: Coronavirus Hot Spots Flare Far From Wuhan (Wang et al., 2/11).

Reuters: Vietnam needs stimulus package to alleviate coronavirus impact, ministry says (Vu/Nguyen, 2/12).

U.N. News: Meeting of top scientists underway to slow coronavirus spread (2/11).

Washington Post: British research center compares covid-19 fatality ratio to ‘major influenza pandemics’ of 20th century (Noack, 2/12).

Washington Post: China’s Chernobyl? The coronavirus outbreak leads to a loaded metaphor (Tharoor, 2/12).