Media Outlets Report On Global Approval Of Ebola Vaccine, Challenges Of Ebola Prevention Efforts In DRC

Global Press Journal: Ebola Prevention Measures in DRC are Scaring Away Patients with Other Ailments
“…[D]octors say the special [patient screening] measures in place to detect and fight Ebola, which has killed 2,193 people in DRC since August 2018, put sick people off seeking treatment for other conditions which could also be fatal…” (Luneghe, 11/16).

IBT: Ebola Virus Vaccine Approved Worldwide, Saves Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives
“The World Health Organization (WHO), within 48 hours of the approval of the European Commission of the vaccine this week, stated that it is now available for global use. This came to light as the health body verified that the treatment is safe for use worldwide…” (Digon, 11/18).