Media Outlets Examine Trump’s WHO Funding Freeze, Congressional Calls For WHO DG To Resign, China To Pay Coronavirus Compensation

Bloomberg: Trump’s WHO Funding Cut May Prevent Africa From Being Polio-Free (Ibukun/Alake, 4/16).

CNN: The U.S. is halting funding to the WHO. What does this actually mean? (Yeung, 4/16).

The Economist: The World Health Organization is under fire from America’s president (4/16).

The Hill: Top Republicans call on Trump to fund WHO pending director-general’s resignation (Brufke, 4/16).

Newsweek: China Hawks In Congress Want Beijing To Pay Compensation For Coronavirus Pandemic (Walker, 4/16).

New York Times: WHO, Now Trump’s Scapegoat, Warned About Coronavirus Early and Often (Pérez-Peña et al., 4/16).

PRI: Trump’s WHO funding cut harms ‘fragile’ health systems, organization’s Africa head says (4/16).

Reuters: Backing Trump, U.S. Republicans call for WHO chief to resign (Zengerle, 4/16).

Reuters: Pompeo urges full transparency on coronavirus in call with top Chinese diplomat, U.S. says (Pamuk/Bronnstrum, 4/15).

Vox: 12 experts on how the U.S. should hold China accountable for the coronavirus (Ward, 4/16).

Washington Examiner: Lindsey Graham: ‘I would double’ WHO funding if Bill Gates led the organization (Brest, 4/16).