Media Outlets Examine How Health Officials, Social Media Working To Control Coronavirus Misinformation

Business Insider: The World Health Organization joined TikTok to post ‘reliable’ advice about the coronavirus amid a stream of memes and misinformation (Perrett, 3/1).

CNN Business: How health officials and social media are teaming up to fight the coronavirus ‘infodemic’ (Duffy, 3/1).

IPS: Q&A: Misinformation in the Time of an Uncontainable Virus (Sadeque, 2/28).

USA TODAY: What’s true about coronavirus? World Health Organization joins TikTok to share ‘reliable’ information (Brown, 3/1).

Washington Post: Millions of tweets peddled conspiracy theories about coronavirus in other countries, an unpublished U.S. report says (Romm, 2/29).