Mass Vaccination Of Dogs Could Eliminate Rabies In Humans, Study Suggests

Media sources report on a study that suggests mass vaccination of dogs could eliminate human cases of rabies.

HealthDay News/U.S. News: Rabies Shots for Dogs Would Save People in Developing Countries: Study
“Mass rabies vaccination programs for dogs in developing nations could eliminate human cases of the deadly disease, a new study suggests…” (Preidt, 9/25).

Humanosphere: A plan to rid the world of rabies in humans — through dogs
“…[Rabies] kills at least 70,000 people every year — probably many more, some say, mostly in poor parts of Asia and Africa. Scientists at Washington State University who specialize in zoonotics — diseases that pass between animals and humans (aka, most diseases) — say we have the tools and the opportunity to rid the world of human rabies through a concerted and targeted vaccination campaign focused on dogs…” (Paulson, 9/25).

Live Science: Mass Dog Vaccination Could Eliminate Rabies Globally
“It is possible to eliminate cases of the deadly rabies virus in people worldwide through mass vaccinations of dogs, some researchers argue…” (Rettner, 9/25).

Reuters: Experts unveil plan to end rabies globally via dog vaccinations
“Rabies experts on Thursday unveiled a blueprint for eliminating the pernicious disease, which almost always is caused by bites from rabid dogs and kills tens of thousands of people a year worldwide, through a program of mass dog vaccinations in targeted regions…” (Dunham, 9/25).