Mass Screening Helps S. Africa Stem COVID-19; India Prepares Repatriation Of Stranded Migrant Workers; Italy Begins Loosening Lockdown; U.K. Has Highest European Death Toll; Brazil Ill-Prepared For Virus


Financial Times: South Africa’s mass screening helps stem the coronavirus tide (Cotterill, 5/5).


New York Times: This Drug May Cause Birth Defects. Japan’s Pushing It for Coronavirus (Dooley et al., 5/5).

New York Times: Coronavirus Survivors Want Answers, and China Is Silencing Them (Wang et al., 5/4).

Reuters: Police clash with migrant workers as India eases coronavirus curbs (Khanna, 5/4).

Reuters: Japan’s Abe extends state of emergency to May 31 (Leussink et al., 5/3).

Reuters: Bangladesh eases some restrictions, extends lockdown to May 16 (Paul/Wardell, 5/4).

Wall Street Journal: India Prepares Large-Scale Repatriation of Workers Stranded by Pandemic (Roy et al., 5/5).


Reuters: U.K. overtakes Italy with Europe’s highest official coronavirus death toll (Bruce, 5/5).

Reuters: France accuses Apple of refusing help with ‘StopCovid’ app (Kar-Gupta et al., 5/5).

Wall Street Journal: Italy Starts Easing Lockdown, Rebooting Its Stricken Economy (Sylvers et al., 5/4).

Washington Post: Italy loosens Europe’s longest coronavirus lockdown (Harlan et al., 5/4).


AFP: For Haitians, die of hunger today or coronavirus tomorrow? (Baron, 5/4).

The Guardian: ‘For the lives of our mothers’: Covid-19 sparks fight for maids’ rights in Brazil (Griffin, 5/5).

New Humanitarian: COVID-19 compounds a long list of problems in Guatemala (Dupraz-Dobias, 5/4).

Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus Sweeps Across Brazil, a Land Ill-Equipped to Fight It (Magalhaes et al., 5/4).


BBC: Coronavirus stokes Middle East boiling points (Bowen, 5/4).


Business Insider: Canada is dealing with the coronavirus far better than the U.S., which has 30% more deaths per capita. Here’s why (Pasley, 5/5).

The Guardian: Mexico’s López Obrador holds daily briefings rivaling Trump’s: ‘A spectacle without any value’ (Agren, 5/4).