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Markey’s International Human Rights Bill Critical To U.S. Global AIDS Response

The Hill: Markey’s bill will help global fight against AIDS
Kenneth Mayer, director of prevention research at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, medical research director at the Fenway Institute, and co-chair of the IDSA Center for Global Health Policy

“Last week with the introduction of the International Human Rights Defense Act (S 2472), Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) took a critical step toward ensuring the continued success of the United States landmark global AIDS response. The act would establish an office within the Department of State responsible for coordinating efforts to defend the human rights of sexual minorities worldwide. … Recognizing the right of all people to health and dignity has supported impressive gains. With few exceptions — Uganda and Nigeria among them — most countries where PEPFAR has brought resources, technology, medicine, and hope are now seeing the numbers of people initiating life-saving antiretroviral treatment for HIV surpass the numbers of people becoming infected with the virus. The act Sen. Markey has introduced will help to ensure that all people can gain equally from the humanitarian strides we have made” (6/20).