Many Women Worldwide Prefer Contraception Use Over Natural Family Planning

The Guardian: Why I agree with the Pope on family planning — up to a point
Faustina Fynn Nyame, country director of Marie Stopes Kenya

“…[I]n a lot of ways Pope Francis and I are in complete agreement. We both want to see happy children raised in happy homes: children who are able to grow up and contribute to society. It also seems from his comments this week that the Pope recognizes the benefits of healthy spacing between children and being able to decide when to say when enough is enough. Where we are at odds is how to achieve that … Unfortunately in my experience, the natural methods advocated by the Pope are not always the best choice for every woman on every occasion. … Believe me, when women have the facts about the different choices available and are able to access them, they jump at the chance to use contraception…” (1/21).