Management Of Global Health Workforce Vital To Strengthening Health Systems, Preparing For Outbreaks

Devex: How migration affects health workforce management
Linda Mans, senior global health advocate on Human Resources for Health project at Wemos, and Sascha Marschang, policy manager for health systems at the European Public Health Alliance

“…It is a universal responsibility to address future [infectious disease] outbreaks, given that we live in an increased interdependent world. This presupposes a prioritization of policy coherence for development, including the sustainable management of health workforce migration at a global level. … The E.U. and its 28 member states should ensure that 50 percent of aid for health is directed toward strengthening health systems, with 25 percent impacting directly on health workforce training and retention — as recommended by WHO — by channeling funds through national health plans and related health workforce strategies…” (1/28).