Malaria Elimination Possible With Ambition, Innovation

The Guardian: Eliminating malaria: how close can we get?
James Whiting, executive director of Malaria No More U.K., and Martin Edlund, CEO of Malaria No More U.S.

“…Thanks to more than a decade of dramatic progress in reducing cases of and deaths from malaria, such an ambitious goal — to remove malaria from the whole planet — backed by investment and innovation in the tools and solutions we use to fight the world’s oldest disease, is something we can conceivably achieve in our lifetimes. … We will continue to work on a powerful array of ways to defeat this disease because, given the resurgence risk, standing still is simply not an option. Do we have an ambitious agenda? Yes. Can we afford not to be this ambitious? With a child dying every minute from a disease that is costing Africa £8bn annually, we think not” (11/3).